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Hi, I'm Shay and I hope you're hungry.

I grew up loving food and loving to eat. As an adult, that love grew into a passion for cooking. While my roots are in Mediterranean and Italian, I love creating dishes representing an array of cuisines. Sourcing seasonal ingredients from local farms is one of my top priorities when curating a menu.  

I may not show up in a chef's hat or make tiny plates of unrecognizable food, but I will bring the passion of being a home cook into your kitchen. All good things must be shared and I make it my mission to connect you and your guests together over a table of delicious food. Now, who's ready to eat?

Favorite Italian Dish :

Mom's Eggplant Parm (no one does it like mom)

Favorite Jewish Nosh :


Favorite Mediterranean Dish :


Favorite Drink :

Spicy Marg or Aperol Spritz

Always in my kitchen :

Lemons, Parmesan, Kosher Salt, Pasta, Garlic, Tomatoes, Espresso

Cooking Tip :

Use more fresh herbs (and their stems!)


personal cook       food styling    catering services*

*and lifelong nosher

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