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Hi, I'm Shay and I hope you're hungry.

I grew up loving food and loving to eat. As an adult, that love developed into a passion for cooking and hosting.


I graduated Emerson College with a degree in Media Production. Since then, my passion for food and experience in production has landed me in the food styling world, working to bring brand visions to life.


Having Jewish and Italian heritage, my cooking roots are in rustic Italian and Mediterranean dishes. I love highlighting the simplicity of good quality ingredients and bringing comfort to sophisticated food. I was also a bartender for many years and always love mixing up a good drink for guests. 

I may not make tiny plates of unrecognizable food, but I will bring the passion of being a home cook into your kitchen. All good things must be shared and I make it my mission to connect you and your guests together over a table of delicious food. Now, who's ready to eat?


Favorite Italian Dish :

Caponata or anything Pesto 

Favorite Jewish Nosh :


Favorite Mediterranean Dish :


Favorite Drink :

Spicy Marg or Aperol Spritz

Always in my kitchen :

Lemons, Parmesan, Kosher Salt, Pasta, Garlic, Tomatoes, Espresso

Cooking Tip :

Use more fresh herbs (and their stems!)

*and lifelong nosher



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*and lifelong nosher

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